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The Best Classroom For Children Is The World Around Them

It is often said life is the best teacher of all — and that we learn through exploring the world around us. But these days, our children can no longer play outdoors or learn the ways of the world as we did in the past. Times have changed and we have to keep our children at home for their safety .

We saw this and soon realised that children are missing out on valuable knowledge and life skills — things that can only be learnt hands-on. That’s how My Little World came to be and why we believe in providing parents and children a holistic early childhood education.

A Child Learns In Play Everything They Need To Learn

We believe in the power of combining world-class activity-based learning, music and dance, enrichment classes and more to give children all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. By bringing all these together at My Little World, children explore and learn faster, build a foundation for academic excellence and experience the wonders around us.

Activity-based Learning

We’ll kick start your child’s potential and mental growth with world-class programmes such as International Preschool Curriculum and Kindermusik.

Music & Dance Learning

We’ll help you build a foundation for your child’s growth in literacy and language through music, dance and play.

Enrichment Classes

We’ll nurture your child’s creativity and confidence with classes & activities like dance, self-defence and more.

Holistic Education

We’ll support your child’s early education with all-in-one services like parental guidance, enrichment & supplementary classes and more.

To Shape A Child’s Future, We Put The World In Their Hands

We believe every child deserves a safe, fun and creative learning environment of the highest international standards.

Our Mission

Our team is fully dedicated to supporting you on the journey to unlock your child’s future potential.

Our Curriculum

What Is International Preschool Curriculum (IPC)?

IPC is the world’s leading international early childhood curriculum developed by a world-class team of experienced early childhood educators. Together with the IPC curriculum and our team of passionate educators, let us build a foundation for your child’s happy and successful future.

AS one of the world’s most researched international programs for early childhood education, IPC covers learning areas such as numeracy, language art, social emotion, motor skills, science and creativity.

Read, write and better express themselves by developing skills to communicate their thoughts and emotions.

Develop their social skills, understand social roles and cultures, as well as learn about their emotions and behaviour.

Learn how to count, use mathematical terms, study basic geometry and integrate units of measurement s in their daily life.

Nurture creativity and self-expression by teaching children how to appreciate art, music and drama with listening and speaking skills.

Discover how to use tools and technology and learn more about animals and plants, basic astronomy, weather and human biology.

Support and develop hand and body control skills in children with coordination,  movement, and balance exercises.

What Is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is the world’s leading early childhood music and development programme for children ranging from infants to 7 years of age. Based on the latest research in early childhood education and child development, its curriculum lets children sing, dance and play while  learning social skills, problem-solving and build a musical foundation.

Encourages parent-child interaction

Fine-motor and gross-motor development

Nurtures early brain development

Develops social-emotional well-being.


Bring The Best Out Of Your Child

Baby steps lead to giant strides! Get your child’s early childhood education to a flying start at My Little World.


Our Academic Calendar

Join My Little World Now

We are located in the heart of Desa Park City, at Plaza Arkadia. We understand that as a parent – you want only the best in life for your beloved children. That’s why we do our best to nurture each and every child’s creativity, leadership skills and cognitive thinking with our early childhood learning programmes. Visit us and  discover what we can do for your child today!

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